Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My son is not sleeping.

1:30-something in the morning, and the stubborn little man is not only refusing to sleep, but is actively being loud. Hitting the wall, kicking the mattress, squealing and laughing.

He does this from time to time, and the phase usually passes after a week or so. Normally I just let it play out because trying to make him sleep amuses him to no end (and just prolongs the problem because he makes a game of it) and frustrates me. But this time he shares a room with his sister, and his noise is either keeping her up or waking her up.

I have tried everything. Chamomile tea. Lavender oil. Three bedtime stories. Lights off, lights on. Two different lullaby DVDs, two quiet movies, no noise at all. I've tried leaving the room and staying in the room. I wouldn't mind his staying up and eventually going to sleep when he finally got tired if he would be QUIET about it.

I'm getting tired of being tired.

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