Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So I haven't been here in a while.

It's been over a year, in fact.

I just don't have time to write, and not much of a desire to put my personal life out there these days. It has more ugly consequences than good ones. Or at least, it has for me. Most of the time, if I need to write, it's about something negative. Writing is how I process the bad stuff. The good stuff seems to have its own filter and it seldom gets put down on paper (or on blog, as it were). 

I really ought to change that. I don't want the only writings my kids have of mine to be all about the bad stuff.

I might try to revive this one, in the tiny bit of spare time I have. The kids and life keep me busy. Maybe just once every week or two, for now, if I find something to write about that I don't mind god(s) and everybody having access to it.

For now, though... Back to the seed bead necklace I'm repairing. Hopefully I have it done, so I can stop looking at tiny glass beads that like to escape when someone breathes wrong.

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